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Do you have a brochure?
A: No. Our ONLINE CATALOGUE is comprehensive, can be easily kept up to date, and allows us to sell at DISCOUNTED PRICES
Q: Do you deliver anywhere?
A: Anywhere in the UK. Some items are for local delivery only
Q: Do you manufacture the furniture?
A: No, we are RETAILERS.All the furniture that we sell is from well known cane and pine furniture suppliers, and we sell using the same names as the suppliers.
Q: Why are you able to sell at such a discount?
A: Because, at the moment, that is the advantage of the new form of marketing that has come to be called "Internet Marketing" As long as we are able to keep our costs down in this way, we will continue to offer DISCOUNTED PRICES.
Q: What GUARANTEE do you give?
A: The same as any other retailer of the same products, but in addition, we offer a MONEY BACK guarantee if you request it within seven days of delivery (for full details see our terms and conditions) .
Q: How long is it from order to delivery?
A: For Pine Furniture, usually one to two weeks
For Cane Furniture, usually three to four weeks
when frames are in stock, cushions are made for each order).But this can be shorter or longer depending on how many other orders for the same suite are in "the pipeline" at any time.

If further queries remain, please click here for our enquiry form. We will be happy to hear from you.

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